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Image of (2) 7" ROUND DREAM CHASE "Color Chasing" Halo SELECT FROM DROP DOWN BOX
  • Image of (2) 7" ROUND DREAM CHASE "Color Chasing" Halo SELECT FROM DROP DOWN BOX
  • Image of (2) 7" ROUND DREAM CHASE "Color Chasing" Halo SELECT FROM DROP DOWN BOX

SMD 5050 Multi-Color LED Ring- White / Blue / Red / Green / Orange / Yellow / Teal / Purple
Rings are Controlled with Wireless Bluetooth Cell Phone / Tablet App Remote Control

Halo Rings Can Be Set to Stay on a Single Color, Chase Different Colors or Slow Fade Different Colors & Chasing Patterns

Brightness & Speed Also Easily Adjustable!

PAIR of New 7" Round Headlights
Color Chasing RGB 5050 SMD LED Halo Rings
Crystal Clear Glass Lenses / Metal Backs
Bluetooth 4.0 Controller
Interchange: H6024 / 6014

DOT & SAE Approved
Qty: 2 (Two) RGB Color Chasing Headlights
On/Off Control

200 Modes of Color Chasing Modes & Patterns

8 Preset Colors (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Purple, Yellow & Teal)
Adjust Speed to Slow Down or Speed Up Color Chasing Patterns
Dim / Brightness Control

Bluetooth Connection to Phone or Tablet
Apple iOS 8.0 or Later
Android 4.4 or Later
Bluetooth 4.0 System
Only a Few Modes are Pictured, The True Extent of Options with These Headlights are Seemingly Endless!

INTERCHANGE: H6024 / 6014

SP105E Wireless Bluetooth Magic Dream Color LED Light Controller iOS Android DC5V~24V Great for WS2811 WS2812B WS2801 SK6812 Individually Addressable Programmable LED Strip Pixel Module Panel Lamp
7 Preset Single Color Modes
200 Preset Vivid Color Changing & Chasing Modes
User Settings Automatically Saved when Powered Off
The Brightness & Speed of Each Mode is Also Adjustable
This Unit Supports & Controls up to 2048 Pixels
Please note: It supports WS2812B, but there is no WS2812B option on the setting page. Please choose WS2811 if you use it to control WS2812B.

Model: SP105E Bluetooth Magic Color Controller
Working voltage: DC5V~24V (The controller cannot regulate the output voltage at the VCC. That means the output voltage of your power supply must be the same as the work voltage of your LED lights).
Remote distance: 20 Meters

Compatible with:
1. The controller only supports LED lights with smart IC. It cannot support ordinary RGB/RGBW LED strip without IC.

2. Support almost all the one-wire or two-wire LED driver IC, such as WS2811,WS2812B, WS2801, SK6812, SK6812-RGBW, LPD6803, LPD8806, APA102, APA105, TM1804, TM1814, TM1914, TM1913, P9813, INK1003, UCS1903, DMX512. You can choose R/G/B channel order.

3. It requires iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or later. Your smart Phone should support Bluetooth 4.0 or later version.