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Premium Grade Clay Bars Auto Detailing 100G


Image of Premium Grade Clay Bars Auto Detailing 100G

The Claybar Cleaner is made of premium grade soft ultra-fine material. With sticky and decontamination, it will remove dirt easily and leave your car paint feeling undeniably soft and smooth, and don’t damage car paint surface. individual package. (100g /pc)

The car clay bar effectively cleans and absorbs dirt deep into the car's paintwork, removes natural oxides, water stains, grit, bird droppings, rust, tree sap and other stains from the car body, and safely, easily and instantly removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental pollutants and more, making waxing easier and more permanent.

Put the clay bar for car detailing in water for a while before use, add detergent, knead it to the right shape and then you can start cleaning the car paint. Dry naturally after use, then wrap the clay bar in clean plastic wrap or plastic bag to keep it fresh. You can continue to reuse it next time. Be careful not to drop it on the ground to prevent it from getting dusty. (The wash bar is easy to shape and won't lose or stick to hands)

The VISION INDUSTRIES "QUICK DETAILER" can be used as lubricant for various surface such as paintwork, clear coat, mirrors, bumpers, windshields, wheels, windows, floors, glass and more. Using it before polishing and waxing will give better results. (SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF CARS, RVS, BUS, OFF-ROAD VEHICLE)

1. Store it in a cool and dry place.
2. Replace the clay bar when it gets dirty or falls to the ground. To avoid scratching your car, please be sure to use it correctly. If you have any other questions, please be sure to contact us at any time, we will actively help you solve the problem, to provide you with the most satisfactory shopping service.